Welcome to FinSavvy

Simple & innovative thinking to create more sustainable solutions for societal problems.

FinSavvy is an organization founded in 2018 which is focused on adding value in society to assist citizens to have a strong basis to reach the next level in their respective lives.

Our mission

We strive to be a prominent contributor to the effort of improving socioeconomic standards and financial literacy levels of citizens using simple yet innovative strategies.

Our vision

To empower all citizens to be self-sufficient and financially literate to have an equal opportunity at living an autonomous life.


Finance And Investment Information

FinSavvy identifies useful financial and investment information and shares it in the hope that it will allow readers of the information to gain more knowledge within the realm of finance.

Financial term explanations

Explanations of basic financial terms as well as explanations of digital asset terms to help improve users understanding when reading financial information.


Budgeting information

Understanding national and personal budgets better

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Feel free to contact us with any questions.



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